Rootkit Finder Information

Rootkits: Invisible Attack on Your Windows PC

According to Microsoft, a new type of malware is now becoming more and more common and sophisticated in the Windows world. The new generation of powerful system-monitoring programs, or "rootkits", that are almost impossible to detect using current security products, could pose a serious risk to corporations and individuals.

A rootkit is a set of software applications intended to conceal running processes, files or system data from the operating system. In recent years, rootkits have been used increasingly by malware to help intruders maintain access to systems while avoiding detection. Rootkits often modify parts of the operating system or install themselves as drivers or kernel modules.

Like Trojan horse programs, rootkits install themselves by exploiting flaws in your PC's network security or by piggybacking onto e-mail messages or downloaded programs. They often open back doors for their remote puppet masters, who may be looking for credit card numbers, a broadband-connected spamming platform, or the simple thrill of the hack. But unlike standard Trojan horses, rootkits infiltrate the operating system at a deeper level, using security privileges to better hide themselves.

How to Find Rootkit on your PC

Use a Rootkit Finder        

There is no simple way to find a rootkit by yourself without a good security tool. Security product vendors are improving their detection tools and now there are several tools available which are designed for rootkit detection.

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